Recommended Mandatory Courses:

Skills Mela : Led by Multi-Institutional Team leaders from INDUSEM, the 6-8 Hour Skills Mela is a copyrighted, novel concept where all Resuscitation Skills across age (Pediatric to Geriatric) and pathology (Trauma & Cardiac Arrest) will be taught in six to eight hours in a sequential format. The focus will only be on skills. Different Experts will be covering different skills which are used in every type of life support and resuscitation.

Please Note that You have to complete a separate online course for All Resuscitation Theory(Includes Neonatal, Pediatric, Adult SHOCK, Cardiac Arrest and Trauma) before you arrive at Skills Mela. The Skills Mela is offered during the Annual EMINDIA Summit.
Online All Resuscitation Theory Course:

The Theory Course is hosted on an online platform and has separate fees for registration on the portal and additional fees for the theory course.We have calculated the approximate cost of doing separate cardiac, pediatric, neonatal, and trauma resuscitation courses. This needs more than 10 days of engagement for learner. PLUS costs for travel and the costs of staying. All this comes to anywhere from 75,000 to 1,00,000 Rupees. Our One Resuscitation Course Model is unique as it divides the complete A-Z Resuscitation Curriculum into Theory and Practical at One location. Theory is Online & Skills Mela is at One Site all at One Time.

Other Mandatory Courses:
  • ACEE Ventilation Management Workshop
  • ACEE ECMO and RRT Workshop
  • ACEE Airway and Bronchoscopy workshop
  • ACEE Hemodynamic Monitoring Workshop
  • + & Attend at least two EMINDIA Summits