Fellowship (ACEE – Emergency Cardiology Pathway)



MCI-Recognized MD/DNB in Emergency Medicine, Pulmonary Medicine, Internal Medicine, Anesthesia, or Family Medicine.

FACEE (Emergency Cardiology) will be awarded after Candidates register, Pass online Theory Exam Pathway (12 tests-Pass 9/12 tests + 1 final) + Get Mandatory Course Certificates at the time of the candidate’s convocation by College.


  • Candidates will have to register on this website.
  • Candidates will have to contact Dr. Vivek Chauhan at 9418341202 or drvivekshimla@yahoo.com, aceeindia1@gmail.com and provide proof of eligibility to join the course and then pay fees.
  • Dr. Vivek Chauhan will approve the candidates to start their online Testing.
  • Complete the online theory examination pathway

    • From day of Registration there are 12 Online Tests (one per month) with a Final 13th Test.
    • There will be Monthly reading assignments. Details of the reading timetable and assignments are under the Link Titled "Calendar" at the website:
    • Braunwald's Heart Disease: A Textbook of Cardiovascular Medicine, 11th Edition is the Standard Textbook to be used for reading. Monthly readings are important part of the learning curve and help build the competency of the candidate as good clinicians. Two tests will be based upon the selected topics from Standard Emergency Medicine textbook Tintinalli’s Emergency Medicine: A Comprehensive Study Guide, 8th Edition
    • There will be monthly test of 50 multiple choice questions based on the reading assignments.
    • Tests will be conducted on this web gateway every month between 15th 7.00 AM (Indian Standard Time) and 27th 7 PM (Indian Standard Time) every month.
    • Passing is More than 70% correct answers (35 Questions).
    • There will be 12 Tests based on the assigned readings for that month.
    • Registered candidates can log in and take the test only once every month.
    • Upon failure/missing you can take the a repeat new test within the 15th -27th Time frame just one more time in the same month. 70% (35 questions) Passing Rule applies to repeat test takers.
    • You have to attempt each test independently and move on to the next test in the following month.
    • Once you log into the test the test will close in 60 Minutes upon which your score will be available.
    • Final Examination will be held in the thirteenth month and will be online (250 MCQ). You need to pass at least Nine of the Twelve tests (9/12) to be eligible for the final examination.
    • Once you qualify for the final test you have 30 days from the day your test opens to complete the final test.
  • COMPLETE LIVE EXIT TEST (Applicable to Category 1 & 2 Only)
    There will be an EXIT EXAM TRAINING COURSE (Time/Date/Venue will be Displayed on Website). Attendance for this course is mandatory as this will help the candidate pass the Exit Exam.
    Following the attendance of the above course the candidate has to appear and pass the LIVE EXIT EXAM which will be based on Clinical Skills in EM based on Textbook of Pediatric Emergency Medicine by Fleisher and Ludwig 6th edition 2010.
  • GET RECOMMENDED MANDATORY COURSE CERTIFICATES. (Refer to Recommended Mandatory Courses link) 
  • Attend at least 2 SUMMITS (including the EMINDIA and EMCARD)
  • Complete all steps and apply for the Fellowship via Convocation with all Certificates.
  • Attend the Convocation held during the INDUSEM SUMMITS.


Any Candidate holding a Foreign Qualification / Training Experience in Medicine has to directly approach the College Authorities regarding status verification for pursuing the Fellowship Pathway.

The College reserves the right to accept a candidate and to award the Fellowship and will decide the same after proper scrutiny and the decision of the College will be final and nonnegotiable.