Recommended Mandatory Courses:

FACEE Candidates will have to provide Proof/Certificate for the following Courses:

  • Suturing & Splinting Course (Annual INDUS-EM Summit)
  • EKG Course (Annual INDUS-EM Summit )
  • Airway and Ventilation Course (Taught by Multiple Agencies and at Various Conferences)
  • AIIMS AUTLS Emergency Sonography Course (Taught at AIIMS Trauma Center)
  • ATLS (Now Taught in India)
  • ACLS (Now Taught in India)
  • PALS (Now Taught in India)
  • Neonatal Resuscitation Course (Taught by Indian Academy of Pediatrics)
  • Annual Board Review Course titled “National Emergency Medicine Board Review Of India Course (NEMBRIC)” will be held every year. Dates and Venue details will be updated in due course on the website. It is mandatory to get NEMBRIC certified in order get the FACEE awarded.

Apart from the above faculty will need to develop competencies in procedures such as central lines insertion, IO access in Pediatrics, Intubation, Chest tube insertions, Lumbar puncture, Pericardiocentesis, Pleural tapping, Ascitic tapping, Eye exam, Slit lamp exam, Epistaxis control, Foreign body removal, Pelvic exam and Eye tonometry.

All the skills mentioned above have to be acquired on their own by the candidates.