The 4 Pillars of Mission ASHWAMEGH

Acquisition of skills which would enhance the role as a teacher Improvement in student outcomes
Effective implementation of treatment protocols for holistic patient-care Promotion of academic leadership



ASHWAMEGH is a Meta-Focus Elite Interactive & Innovative Program which intends harvest the complete potential in an Academic Leader of Emergency Medicine

Comprehend the principles of teaching-learning Understand the pros and cons of various assessment methods Alignment of learning objectives, teaching-learning methods and assessment strategies Inculcate the values of evidence-based medicine Understand the components of a research project design Comprehend research ethics Understand the critical appraisal of a research paper Inculcate good leadership practices

Program Details

12 Month Cyclical Program is open to All faculty (Assistant Professors and above) who are a part / or going to be a part of the Academic Emergency Medicine Initiative across India as we develop MD/DNB PG Programs in EM. Senior Residents who envision an Academic Career in Emergency Medicine are also Encouraged to Join ASHWAMEGH.

Learners can enroll at any time and finish at the end of their 12 Months cycle.


Learning Basic concepts in academic medicine education Components of Curriculum Development Clinical teaching-learning Skills Setting up Journal Clubs and Research Training Programs Collaborating and Innovating via Path Breaking Research Projects Developing and Evaluating Assignments Creation of Assessment Tools Interactions with international Academic Leaders of Emergency Medicine.

Program Implementation

Learning will be imparted Digitally via the VigyanCentral Learning Management Portal. Sessions will be held twice a month. There is an intent to have a Contact Session every year. The Mentors will be available to all Co-Learners via Communication Mediums in the Portal and otherwise

Additional Requirements:

Attend the Annual Board Review Course in EM. (Date/Venue Will be displayed on Website)
GET RECOMMENDED MANDATORY COURSE CERTIFICATES. (Refer to Recommended Mandatory Courses link)
Attend at least 2 Annual EMINDIA SUMMITS
Complete all steps and apply with all certificates for the Fellowship via Convocation.
Attend the Convocation

Once the ASHWAMEGH 12 Month Training is Completed along with the additional requirements the Candidate is ready to file application to be awarded the FACEE.