Emergency Medicine is a New Academic Discipline for India. It was formally recognized by the Medical Council of India in 2009 and the National Board of Examination thereafter. Hospitals and Medical Colleges across India are now mandated to have Full Fledged Departments of Emergency Medicine staffed by Qualified Emergency Clinicians who can provide Quality Emergency Care.

The Government of India via Gazette Notification has mandated the creation of Academic Department of Emergency Medicine at all Medical Colleges across India by 2023.


Emergency Medicine is a novel interdisciplinary specialty which creates specialists who are expected to manage any emergency, any age, any life-threatening condition 24/7.

The Academic Science of Emergency Medicine demands a well-designed Faculty Development Program (FDP) as India embarks on this visionary initiative.

To meet this challenging task The World Health Organization Collaborating Center for Emergency and Trauma (WHO-CCET) along with The All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) Nagpur, has launched the nation-wide Academic Emergency Medicine Faculty Development Program called “ASHWAMEGH”.

The success of this new discipline and the future of the specialty of Emergency Medicine depends on the quality of academic faculty when we begin this journey.

As leaders of Medical Colleges embark on recruiting and appointing willing and capable Academic Faculty to the Department of Emergency Medicine it is equally important that these faculty be TIMELY EXPOSED to ASHWAMEGH so that we can provide quality academic training and patient care simultaneously.

ASHWAMEGH is a great opportunity for designated Emergency Medicine Academic Faculty to begin their journey in a brand-new discipline of Emergency Medicine in the correct manner so they can prosper and grow themselves and their departments to an International Level.

Please Visit: www.ASHWAMEGH.org

The Academic College of Emergency Experts in India recognizes the ASHWAMEGH Fellows to be legitimate recipients of the Fellowship of the Academic College of Emergency Experts in India.

The Competency Based Fellowship of the College is the Single Distinct Process and the Only Process by which a Candidate can be a part of the College.

The Academic College of Emergency Experts recognizes and hereby states that in India there are only two Recognized Post Graduate Degree Programs for Emergency Medicine.

The Two Programs are: MCI Recognized MD and NBE Recognized DNB in Emergency Medicine.

The College and its Fellows Stand by the Accrediting Bodies of National Importance namely MCI and NBE.

The College Commits to the development and progress of Quality Emergency Care for Emergency Patients.

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