Frequently asked questions (FAQ) :

  • What does FACEE (Emergency Toxicology) stand for?
    It is the Fellowship of the Academic College of the Emergency Experts (ACEE) in the Specialty of Emergency Toxicology (EMTOX).
  • What is the Role of ACEE-INDIA?

    MCI/DNB has recognized Emergency Medicine as a specialty and has mandated hospitals and Medical colleges to initiate the creation of Departments of Emergency Medicine.

    EM is a new Science to India and EMTOX is in its early stages of development.

    As a science EMTOX is a collage of all disciplines as it is targeting towards addressing acute issues across existing faculties of medicine and surgery. This leaves EMTOX with no parent discipline as no discipline is immune from the concept of Emergencies related to their discipline.

    This fact is both a challenge and an opportunity because firstly we will need trained teachers and competent healers which can be drawn from any discipline but these teachers and treaters will need to be brought to speed about EMTOX Knowledge from other disciplines.

    To facilitate this process and award identity ACEE (EMTOX) is being founded with the Fellowship acting as an identity to create an Elite Group of Pioneers who have gone through the process of Learned Learning qualifying to be Academic and Clinical Leaders in Teaching, Researching, Innovating and Treating at Academic Training Medical Colleges and Departments Emergency Medicine across India.
  • How do you get the Title "FACEE" in EMTOX ?

    This is mentioned under the fellowship link.
  • What is the "ACEE-EMTOX Board Review Course" Course?

    ACEE-EMTOX Board Review is a Mandatory Course for all FACEE Candidates. Exact Dates and Venue Details will be updated in due course. It is mandatory to get the Course Certificate in order to sit for the Final Examination.
  • When can I enroll for the FACEE-EMTOX and when is the Final Theory examination?

    The College has allowed any interested candidate to enroll at anytime during the year. The system is totally online so he can start taking the tests at anytime. He has to take twelve tests over twelve months in a monthly manner and his Final Examination is in the Thirteenth month. Refer to the Fellowship Link for details.
  • Who do I contact for answers to more of my questions?

    Email your queries to or