Emergency Medicine is a New Academic Discipline for India. It was formally recognized by the Medical Council of India in 2009 and National Board of Examinations Thereafter.


Physicians go through a lifelong process of perfecting their learned practices. They learn these practices at their medical colleges. It is the medical colleges which award them their credentials. The birth place of any medical expert's expertise is the training institution hence if any new science has to be developed and taught the ideal sites are none other than medical colleges across India. The role of MCI recognized Medical Colleges and Academic Institutions is Crucial to develop the academic fraternity in Emergency Medicine which by itself is a new academic science to India.

With the recognition of Emergency Medicine as an independent specialty the doors have opened for medical colleges to pursue initiatives to create free standing academic departments of Emergency Medicine which can house post graduate residency training programs in Emergency Medicine.

Emergency Toxicology (EMTOX) is a super specialty field of Emergency Medicine. The Academic College of Emergency Experts, National Board of Examinations and The Medical Council of India are very supportive of the new upcoming field of Emergency Medicine and it is now the right time to foster the growth of the super specialty of EMTOX.

To initiate departments and start super specialty residency programs there will be a need for trained faculty who can embrace EMTOX (A New discipline to India) as their specialty. To be trainers these teaching faculties will need to take on the task of educating themselves about the body of knowledge for EMTOX. All FACEE holding Physicians are also eligible to pursue the Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellowship program.

To facilitate the process of developing the science of emergency medicine in India "The Academic College of Emergency Experts in India" (ACEE-INDIA) was founded in 2011.

A New Certification pathway is introduced which is called the Fellowship of the Academic College of Emergency Experts in India in Emergency Toxicology (EMTOX). This pathway is geared towards creating Emergency Practitioners who can provide quality Emergency Toxicology Care with a focus on patient safety.

The Competency Based Fellowship of the College is the Single Distinct Process and the Only Process by which a Candidate can be a part of the College.

The Academic College of Emergency Experts recognizes and hereby states that in India there are only two Recognized Post Graduate Degree Programs for Emergency Medicine.

The Two Programs are: MCI Recognized MD and NBE Recognized DNB in Emergency Medicine.
The College and its Fellows Stand by the Accrediting Bodies of National Importance namely MCI and NBE.
The College Commits to the development and progress of Quality Emergency Care for Emergency Patients.

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